Weighing services Limited was established in 1991, awarded the coverted BSI 5750 accreditation in October 1994 and we're now fully certified to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.


Due to our quality of work and price structure we were quickly established as the UK's leading independent company for repair, refurbishment and calibration of intrinsically safe paint mixing scales and balances.


With our highly trained technicians, service packs, software and fully stocked workshop, we are able to service/repair all makes and models of balances and scales, including the complex computerized scales used in the automotive paint industry.


  • Our fully trained and qualified engineers are here to assist you. If your balance requires annual or bi-annual servicing, we can do this for you.


  • All of our weights are traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards.


  • We offer a range of servicing and calibration. Basic service  - Check and clean balance and make sure it is in correct working order.


  • Certified Calibration - As above, but also a Calibration Certificate stating before and after readings which also complies to ISO standards.


  • We also offer discounts to Schools, Colleges and Health Authorities, if you have a large number of balances requiring servicing/calibration we offer a tiered price range.


  • For further pricing information please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are able to refurbish all makes of explosive proof paint mixing scales.


The equipment is completely stripped down and the outer casing shot and blasted and re-sprayed. The electronic and mechanical systems are then fully repaired and reassembled, the unit is then put on a test for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure that it is  working to the manufacturers original specification.


The scale is then boxed packed for return to the customer in an as new condition.




As an ISO 9001: 2008 registered company the technical competence of our workshops is evaluated which gives you, the customer, the assurance that any work carried out by us will be of the highest standard.


With our trained workshop technicians we are able to carry out the repair of most makes and models of balances and scales including Mettler, Sartorious, Ohaus, Adam Equipment, A&D and Avery up to the capacity of 600 kg.


Due to our large stock of spares we are able to carry out the type of repair on many older types of balances and scales that other companies are unable to perform.


We specialize in the repair of ex rated paint mixing scales used in the automotive paint industry.


We have OEM spares for all types of Sartorious paint scales including PMA, x1493x, XT 6100 and 1493ex models as well as Mettler models PS 7001 and Panda 7x.


We can also carry out the repair of computerized scale type Sartorious ColorMix and EcoMix systems.


Contact us for a no obligation quote.


Due to government legislation all portable electronic equipment used within the workplace must be regularly checked and certified.


This is not only a requirement of the Health and Safety act 1974, but also of insurance companies when insuring business premises.


To meet these requirements it is necessary to show a planned programmed inspection and testing of all portable electrical appliances.


We are able to carry out a full site test on all of your equipment at very reasonable costs.


Contact us for a no obligation quote.


We can supply all new makes and models and laboratory balances.


Just let us know your exact requirements, capacity, accuracy and price range of the equipment that is required and we will use our dealership contacts to ensure you get the best deal and value for your money.


We always have in stock a large range of refurbished ex rated scales used within the automotive refinish industry with various weighing ranges and capacities.


Please contact us for details of our stock range or for any new equipment.

PAS 125

The PAS 125 standard was set up by the British Standards Institute and Thatcham for the implementation of a minimum quality standard for the automotive industry. This sets out specification of personnel competence, quality of materials used, repair methods and internal quality checks and controls the organization.


many insurance companies are now insisting on BSI accreditation to PAS 125 to join it's approved repairer network.


To fully comply to these directives your paint mixing scales must be regularly serviced and calibrated by an accredited service provider working to BSI EN 9001:2008 quality system.


As the leading independent explosive proof scale service provider and by using the correct service packs and software, we are able to carry out the calibration of all makes of intrinsically safe explosive proof paint mixing equipment including EcoMix, ColorMix, TopMix, Easy Mix Lite, Sartorious and Mettler computerized scales.


We are able to carry out this work at a cost of £60.00 per visit, any additional scales serviced at the same time will be charged at a reduced rate, this cost to include any adjustment necessary to return the equipment to the manufacturers specification, a fully traceable calibration certificate to ISO 9001:2008 will then be issued showing all readings prior and after calibration.


This not only ensures that your scale is working to specification, it will also prolong the working life of the equipment by rectifying minor faults at an early stage.


Email: enq@weighingservices.co.uk

Phone/Fax: 020 8300 7009

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